CNC Laser Cutting Machine


CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Description of CNC Laser Cutting  Machine  for steel/marble:

The Mechanical Structure Adopts Gantry type, the performance is stable, the CNC Laser cutting machine runs smoothly.Professional CNC control system, with laser power adjustment function, can ensure cutting quality, easy to operate;

 This CNC Laser cutting machine adopts AC servo motor drive system, machine tool movement mechanism adopts gear, rack double drive drive, ensure the high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.
 The gas path system adopts integrated control, advanced design, the whole set of pneumatic components are imported, and different auxiliary gases can be connected at the same time.
High-quality and high-efficiency fiber laser generator, low processing cost, energy-saving and environmental protection.
The professional water chiller adopts the refrigerant control loop, high precision temperature controller to control and display the water temperature, fully automatic operation, high efficiency and low noise, external metal plate using all electrostatic spraying, can effectively prevent rust: use of water or deionized water to improve the efficiency and life of equipment such as lasers.