PSA nitrogen generating equipment


PSA nitrogen generating equipment 

  1. Hawkiwel PSA nitrogen generating equipment with advanced process is a simple nitrogen production method, which produces nitrogen a few minutes after power-on, with low energy consumption and nitrogen cost lower than that of cryogenic air separation.

2.Reliable and safe performance: microcomputer control, automatic operation, no special training operators, just press the start switch, can automatically run, to achieve continuous production of nitrogen.
3.Nitrogen purity stable, fully monitored by the instrument 'display, ensure the purity of nitrogen required.
4.The selection of high-quality Carbon Molecular Sieve: With a large adsorption capacity, high compressive performance, long service life.
5. High Quality Control Valve: High Quality Pneumatic Valve with special pipe can ensure stable and reliable operation of nitrogen production equipment.
6.Strong Technical Force and excellent after-sales service: Equipment containerization, field installation, only connection, gas, power; excellent electrical and Mechanical Assembly technology, to provide continuous technical services, in charge of field commissioning and training operations.
Our PSA nitrogen plant has the following advantages:
3. 1 .The key technology and product advanced distributor structure PSA nitrogen generating equipment process flow design and perfect PSA process design scientific and reasonable gas distribution structure, greatly improving the efficiency of molecular sieve use blizzard-type molecular sieve filling technology and reliable automatic compaction mode, all the key components of the molecular sieve are selected from the world-famous and reliable brand products
3.2. The advanced absorber structure and a PSA process flow are combined with the advanced absorber structure design and optimized t-shaped pressure-equalization PSA process of German Carbotech company, optimum combination of efficiency and lifetime of fully carbon molecular sieves. 

3.3. The unique PSA nitrogen generating equipment process design of the nitrogen preparation system