Vegetables processing machines


Features of our vegetables bubble washing cleaning machine:

1.Except for the motor,Bearings and other equipment with standard parts made of stainless steel SUS304 material, in full compliance with the export of food hygiene requirements. The bubble generating device provides air bubbles, so that washing is in tumbling state so as to remove the pesticide anr dirt from products surface, can be added to the amount of reagent, disinfected fixing. Floating debris overflow from the overflow tank, sediment is discharged from the outfall, to achieve the purpose of fine cleaning. It is ideal equipment for vegetables, food processing, food and beverage industry.

2.applicable to: leaf vegetables, edible fungus, fruits, aquatic products and Chinese herbal medicine and other granular,leaf,rhizome product for cleaning,soaking, disinfection and fixing.

3.the machine transmission part adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt,featuring smooth operation, long service life.

4.the machine sink and the main profile/frame is made of 304 stainless steel.

5.Capacity:over 1000kg/hr.      

Our dry garlic splitting machine:

stainless steel make, good quality, beautiful appearance.

1.Automatic separating the whole garlic into cloves .

2.By use of rubber as the split roll axis,the machine has a fan to remove impurity.

3.Easy operation/maintenance,reliable..

4.Garlic splitting rate:95%,.

5.The long service life, low cost.higher efficiency.

6.body and a shell of Garlic splitting machine are made of 304 stainless steel,in compliance with international food health standards.

7.dry Garlic splitting machine is suitable for separating the dry garlics,no hurt of garlic surface.

Capacity of dry Garlic Separating machine :400kg-1000kg/hr.Power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase.

Our onion garlic smasher/grinder machine:


Our fresh onion slicing machine:

Pure stainless steel make, good quality, beautiful appearance, compact internal structure, limited occupied area, and slicing quickly, high yield, economical and practical,reliable,simple/easy operation.

The onion slicing thickness 1.5mm-10mm, adjustable.

It is also suitable for slicing potato, lotus root, apple, pear, radish, cucumber, taro,ginger,garlic clove.

Capacity:300kg/hr,500kg/hr     Power supply:380V,5Hz,3-phase.

Our fresh Onion peeling machine:


by using the strong air-flow from the air-comparessor,the skin of the onions are well removed away by fresh onion peeling machine,remaining shining/smooth surface on the onion.

Capacity of fresh onion peeling machine250kg-300KG/hr; 500KG/HR

Machine weight140KG

Machine Power400W ,220V,50Hz.
Needed Air-compressor Power of 11KW,air-flow1.2CBM/min;

Dry-type peeling for onions.No need for feeding water.

No knives inside the fresh onion peeling machine.