biogas equipment


Description of Biogas equipment:

Hawkiwel Biogas equipment is based on collecting the useful organic waste materials from poultry/pigs/cows/sheep dung or other animals shits and slaughter house,grass stems,etc.The biogas storage container is made of of polyesters which features good insulation,suitable for running in four seasons year around.

Soft methane tank, is a new type of Biogas equipment. Mainly includes: soft biogas fermentation bag, methane storage bag, gas booster pump, desulfurizer, water/gas separator, gas pipes and associated fittings.

Biogas fermentation bag, is made of high strength plastic material with large high frequency 

welding equipment made in special conditions, is provided with a gas outlet, inlet,outlet. Methane tank pressure is low, the requirements for Anti leakage.

Features of biogas equipment:

our Biogas equipment is Economic and durable, low price, less investment,quick effect: 

 anti-freeze (-25 ), sunshine (50 ),  lightning, earthquake resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no leakage, installed in the fully closed, no human or damage conditions, can be used for 8-12 years. 

The biogas is clean, cost-effective, easy-installation, simple daily maintenace,etc.And the mud discharged from the bio-gas sink can also be used for organic fertilizer or foliar.

Property of biogas equipment

Type of biogasfor general purpose, biogas engineering.Long life in use.

Technique of biogas equipment:fast-generating for biogas,good fermentation.

Design with science:convenient for installation/repairs.

Coverage:compact structure,moderate covering of land area,easy input of raw materials and exit of dross.

Good sealing:fine gas sealing,non leakage or air/water, simple/convenient for maintenace.

Physical proterycorrusion-resistant,acid/alkali/ageing resistant,seismic,pressure-resistant.

Auto-desulfurization:auto desulfurizarer and water/gas separator can automaticly separate the sulfur dioxide and the vapour during the reaction so as to raise the purity of methane maximumly and the value of heat.

High safety factor:auto keeping stable pressure,safety.

Installation of biogas equipment is simple:easy handling, installation on ground that convenience in use,without geographical restrictions,easy to relocate.