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Why do we need to use salt tablet for water softenor?

Why do we need to use salt tablet for water softenor?

  • Thursday, 12 November 2020
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water softenor salt is also called ion exchange resin regenerant. Its main chemical composition is sodium chloride, the content is generally more than 95% to 99.5%, which is spherical. After the water softenor salt is added into the softened water equipment, the scale and impurities can be effectively removed, and the iron ion removal capacity of soft water salt is 6 times of that of ordinary salt. The use of soft water salt can not only improve the working efficiency of softened water equipment, but also prolong the service life and reduce maintenance. This is an advantage that ordinary industrial salt can't match.Hawkwiwel Produces water softenor salt for softened water equipment .

Therefore, in order to get better quality softened water and protect the softened water equipment, the  water softenor salt must be replaced regularly. The softened water equipment produced by HAWKIWEL water treatment equipment. constantly provides high-quality water for consumers and meets different needs of consumers. Whether it is cleaning scale in the home, or washing and cooking at home, soften water equipment has brought a lot of convenience to domestic water.

Welcome to Hawkiwel water softenor salt for softened water purifying equipment .

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