borehole drilling machine for drink water or geological survey


borehole drilling machine for drink water or geological survey

Hawkiwel borehole drilling machine is designed to be used for investigation,geological exoration,building construction,highway,bridge and dam etc.Our borehole drilling machine can be mounted on tractor or truck for transport .

Mechanical power head, long feeding stroke. Suitable for vatious of technology such as pump suction of forward and reverse circulation and air DTH hammer drilling.

We use novel construction of rods and particular tools for lifting and screwing off rods ensure convenient and rapid for joining and screwing off the rods.

By mechanically driven and hydro-mechanically operated, it has easy operation and high efficiency. Carried by tractor and easy by moved in the spot.
Offer various of pumps according to customer's requirement.
Specifications of borehole drilling machine :

Max.Hole diameter(mm) : 600-1200 depending on the models;
Hole depth(m):150---50;
Output speed of power head(r/min):
Forward: 13,22,48;
Reverse: 10,17,36;
Maximum lifting capacity of power head(kN): 94.55;
Lifting capacity of main hoist(kN): 18.54;
Motor (kW) :27