cassava processing machine


cassava processing machine

hawkiwel cassava processing machine such as cassava washing machine,peeling machine, chips cutting machines,cassava chips drying machines,the belt type dryer and packaging machine. We have provided below a brief description on the main steps of the cassava chips processing machine.

1.Cassava washing  machine: wash the fresh cassava roots in clean water to remove mud, sand and other impurities. Note: The water source should be checked regularly to ensure it is not dirty or contaminated.
2. Cassava peeling machine: wash the cassava roots to remove the surface sand, silt, and peel the cassava roots to remove the outer brown skin and partial inner thick cream layer, also avoid over damaging of raw materials. Note: If you want to remove the inner thick cream layer completely, it's neccessary to use manpower or soak the cassava tubers in water then remove it by handwork.

3.Cassava processing machine(cassava chipper): cut the peeled cassava roots to produce thinner and more uniform slices than chipping by hand.
4.Cassava chips drying processing machine(belt type dryer): effectively dry the cassava chips or slices to low moisture content by principle of heat transfer exchange.