cattle slaughter house equipment machinery


cattle slaughter house equipment

Hawkiel cattle slaughter equipment @capacity : 10heads, 20heads, 30heads, 50heads, 100heads, 200heads per shift.

Cattle is leading into killing box and stunned(also not needed for this process) and bleeded,after which The blood-letting cattle will be sent to the pre-decoration. The pre-decoration contains low position pre-decoration, midst position pre-decoration, and high position pre-decoration, during the pre-decoration the cattle horn and extremity being removed. After pre-decoration, the cattle will be sent to the breast opening line through electric hoist using pulley block replacing sling chain,the chain goes back to roll-overplate through the sling chain returning system. 

The midst and high position pre-decoration also can be done on the carcass opening line.

Electric hoist is used to processes of changing the rails after the cattle were bled.

The electric hoist is used on suspended place. One ton electric hoist is used on the exchange track place.

We also design the cattle slaughter equipment according to buyer's requirements and local conditions.

Guidance for installation/commission is offered to buyer's location .Cold storage rooms fro meat will also be available for clients' demand.

Waste water treatment equipment is our business scope as  well.