COLD (Chiller) ROOM Refrigeratiion equipment for Hotsale

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Breif description of COLD ROOM Refrigeration equipment

Our refrigeration equipment and insulation materials for cold room and project of cold rooms are designed for storage of food, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits kept fresh in cooling conditions.

Chiller or refrigeration equipment can be air-cooling or water-cooling.

100%polyurethaneinsualtion panels with surface color steel sheet,total thickness from 50mm to 200mm available.

Safty and stable refrigeration system with International famous brand Copeland condensing unit or other compressors.

Electric system: Siemens and Schneider electric components or others

Refrigeration equipment system: Compressor,Condenser,evaporator,Refrigerant.

Temperature range: -40~C 20 C. 

It is easy to install,reliable,long life in use.

Power supply is 380V, 50Hz, 3-pahse.

Capacity of cold room can be designed as per client's requirements.

It also can be put the rack or pallets to improve the utilization space of cold room,and easy to handing,fast assemble,convenient to adjust the layer height. Forklift can go into the passage for improving the utility ratio of cold room.

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