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Hawkiwel Containerized Cold Room

Hawkiwel Cold Room has different capacity;Our cold room can be made according to your requirements. It is for an integrated refrigeration system. The temperature can be adjusted from 5degree Celsius to -20degree, even -25degree.

With a 20 ft or 40 foot standard container,this Containerized Cold Room can storage food, fruit, fish, ice etc. the temperature can be designed at any state. The capacity of Containerized Cold Room can admit from 5tons to 100tons for different foods,depending on the type of food.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail:bobqiu@hawkiwel.com

Hawkiwel containerized cold room has many advantages:

1.Very easy to install as prefabricated insulation panels are ready as per buyer's local container dimension when buyer prepares the standard container.

2.easy and convenient to transport.
2.pre-installation of cold room and machine unit before leaving our factory if container is prepared by us.
3.short manufacturing period.
4.very good insulation effect.

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