Dewatering machine for sludge husbandry dung poultry dung


Dewatering machine for sludge/husbandry dung/poultry dung

Hawkiwel screw type dewatering machine solves such defects as the high energy consumption, easy

to clog, rinse wih large volume of water to handle the sludge, viscous sludge and other defects of

other types of sludge/dung dewatering which can’t do, so our such scew type dewatering machine

is widely used in cow dung,husbandry dung,poultry dung,municipal sludge, petrochemical sludge,

chemical sludge, paper sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, leather sludge, food sludge, printing and

dyeing sludge, solar sludge,heavy metal sludge dewatering sludge and other industries.

Moving blades screw sludge dewatering machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, fixed

blades, moving blades, screw shaft, motor and spraying device,support rack and electrical control


Dewatering machine inlcudes the dung/sludge feeding hopper,screw-exrtuding dewatering

process, is controlled by the electrical control system, continuous dung/sludge dewatering

operations,so as to reduce operating manpower and to reduce the production costs.