dustless chalk making machine

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Description of features:

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Electric dustless chalk making machine is currently our most advanced manufacturing equipment for quality chalks.
Automatic water supply, electric mixing, manual filling the mold and demoulding, the entire production line needs one person.greatly reducing the labor intensity, increase work efficiency, reduce raw material consumption by more than 30%, the product rate is up to 99%, and the product quality has greatly increased,chalks are bright and clean. The dustless 
chalk making machine is equipped with a 370-watt single-phase power, covering about for 15 square meters plant. Each chalk mold has 400pcs or 800 pcs. Chalk shape of round, square, hexagonal, and other, chalk thick, thin, long, short, can also be customized according to the user.

    This new type of Dustless chalk making Machine makes calcium carbonate chalk free of dust, non-pollution, features delicate texture, writing easy and smooth, quiet, clear graphic effects, pure white, highly polished, easy to figure rub shaped table appearance, suitable for all the advantages of the use of the blackboard.

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