equipment for rubber plastics oil refinery carbon black


equipment for rubber plastics oil refinery & carbon black

Product Description
Hawkiwel Equipment for rubber oil refinery & carbon black:

Raw materials:waste rubber tires,plastic,cable strips,waste oil residues.

Work process:

Waste rubber tires or plastics are placed into the splitting/processing stove at high temperature & regular pressure for heating,distilled into vapour oil,liquidized via cool-condensor,
as a result,abstract mixed-oil is achieved via deposit filtering for further processing chemically by adding some agents to gain fuel finally.Non-liquified residues are sent down to burn at the bottom of the stove.


Anti-pollution device is prepared as well.
Product Feature
Our equipment for rubber oil refinery & carbon black is cost-effective,environment-friendly.
Product Specification / Models
Daily Capacity:2-3ton,4~6ton,6~8ton.
Application / Models
oil chemical industry by recyle waste rubber tires,plastics.