equipment for waste water treatment


Hawkiwel equipment for waste water treatment is suitable for treatment in household sewage,industrial waste ,hospital waste water,achohol wine plant,food processing plant,fruit juice plant,chemical plastics recycling plant,slaughter house waste water treatment,etc.

 Hawkiwel equipment for waste water treatment is high-efficiency,economical,enviromental-friendly,easy-operation/maintenance,less-space-covering.It works by using the air-bubbles generated by air-flotation device to separate the floating materials/mud. Without dissovling,theCavitation air bubbles enter directly dirty water wit the help of the leaf-wheels to release air-bubbles evenly in the waste water,so that the whole system won't clog at all in running.no need to have air-compressors pumps and less energy consumption involves.
Principle:waste water enters the air-bubble-generating tank to mix fully with the air-bubbles,while bubbles are going up ,the floating materials follow up to the surface as well,then scapper push away these floating dirts to the metal plates for discharge,however the mud goes down to the mud-collecting tank.Finally,the clean water comes the Overflow tank before discharging.During the whole processing system,the water flow goes constantly even though no new waste water comes in.
 Feature of equipment for waste water treatment:
High-efficiency,environment-friendly,cost-effectic,easy-operation.reliable.USA Technology.
Product Specification / Models
capacity of equipment for waste water treatment:5ton/hr,10t/hr,30t/hr,300ton/hr
Application / Models
to treatment  waste water

We hawkiwel use China top brand elements and make with strong iron frame structure plus rust-ressistant painting.

Capacity can be designed as per clients' requirements.

You are welcome to contact us for further details as per capacity,etc.