equipment for water purifying


equipment for water purifying

Hawkiwel equipment for for river water or underground water purifying is designed for removal minerals in ground well water,via this treatment process,the final quality water can be served for the preparation of solutions,drinking and for washing or rinsing of glassware,etc. Output of water after treatment in water tanks:type IV,conductivity is 5.0μS/cm,electrical resistivty0.2MΩ/cm at 298K(25).PH value:between 6 and 8 through treatment of equipment for water purifying.

Water softenor salt is the application of ion exchange technology for the softenor machine.

 through equipment for water purifying the exchange of calcium, magnesium ion and water function on the resin, so as to absorb excess calcium, magnesium ions in the water, to remove the scale(calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate) to.The equipment for water purifying is provided with softener resin,ion exchange with the Eartificial soft minerals.sodium resin can be dissolved in water, with calcium, magnesium and other hard mineral ion exchange reaction,and do not accumulate in the form of sodium scale on the surface of an object.