equipment of waste water treatment

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Hawkiwel manufactures and sells equipment of waste water treatment, is high-efficiency, economical, enviromental-friendly, easy-operation/maintenance, works by using the air-bubbles generated by air-flotation device to separate the floating materials/mud.

Without dissovling, the Cavitation air bubbles enter directly dirty water wit the help of the leaf-wheels to release air-bubbles evenly in the waste water, so that the whole system won't clog at all in need to have air-compressors pumps and less energy consumption involves.

Working Principle of
 equipment of waste water treatment:

Dirty water enters the air-bubble-generating tank to mix fully with the air-bubbles, while bubbles are going up , the floating materials follow up to the surface as well, then scapper push away these floating dirts to the metal plates for discharge, however the mud goes down to the mud-collecting the clean water comes the Overflow tank before discharging.

equipment of waste water treatment
 features cost-effective,reliable,easy/simple operation.


Capacity of the equipment of waste water treatment :1cubic meter -3 cubic meter per hour,5 cubic meter per,10 cubic meter hour,20 cubic meter hour,20 cubic meter,etc.

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