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Ethylene Generator Machine

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Description of Ethylene Generator Machine


1.This Ethylene Generator machine can generate high-purity Ethylene for ripening fruits with high speed and high efficiency.

2.The Ethylene generator machine is safe and non-toxic during the fruits ripening and ripening process. It has been used abroad for more than ten years and is stable in operation. Safe and reliable.

3.This Ethylene generator machine adopts Delixi brand electronic control components, which is easy to operate and beautiful.

4.The quality of the Ethylene generator machine is ripe and the color is stable, the color is even, and the extension time can be extended for 48-72 hours.

5.this Ethylene generator machine can save a lot of labor costs, time, and low loss rate.

Main function indicators:

1. The Ethylene generator machine can generate high-purity ethylene, fast and strong effect of ripening and coloring.

2. This Ethylene generator machine is safe and non-toxic in the process of ripening and coloring.

3. This Ethylene generator machine uses automatic control, the operation is simple.

4. The use of this Ethylene generator machine operation, large-scale, factory, production and processing mode.

Save a lot of money on labor. Use, time, reduce the rate of loss.

Technical data of Ethylene Generator machine

Motor power:6kw, Power supply:220V/50Hz

Temperarure range:+0+50, Hunmudity:≤90RH

Achhol concentration for generating Ethylene:95%

Ethylene production capacity: 30-70 Litres/Hr;

Working Time: 0 ~ 10hrs;

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