ethylene generating machine


ethylene maker machine

Machine features:

*Hawkiwel ethylene maker machine can generate high-purity ethylene for ripening fruits with high speed and high efficiency.

*The ethylene maker machine is safe and non-toxic during the fruits ripening and ripening process. It has been used abroad for more than ten years and is stable in operation. Safe and reliable.

*This ethylene maker machine adopts Delixi brand electronic control components, which is easy to operate and beautiful.

*The quality of the ethylene maker machine is ripe and the color is stable, the color is even, and the extension time can be extended for 48-72 hours.

*Our ethylene maker machine can save a lot of labor costs, time, and low loss rate.

Main function indicators:

--. The ethylene maker machine can generate high-purity ethylene, fast and strong effect of ripening and coloring.

--. This ethylene maker machine is safe and non-toxic in the process of ripening and coloring.

--. This ethylene maker machine uses automatic control, the operation is simple.

--. The use of this ethylene maker machine operation, large-scale, factory, production and processing mode.

Save a lot of money on labor. Use, time, reduce the rate of loss.

Technical data of ethylene maker machine

Motor power:6kw, Power supply:220V/50Hz

Temperarure range:+0+50, Hunmudity:≤90RH

Achhol concentration for generating ethylene:95%

Ethylene production capacity: 30-70 Litres / Hr;

Working Time: 0 ~ 10hrs;