incinerator for medical dry garbage


HAWKIWEL incinerator machine for medical dry garbage

The incinerator machine with high combustion efficiency,harmless treatment, is an ideal waste disposal equipment for hospitals,hotels,school, enterprises, factory,institutions,etc.

Main features of incinerator machine  :

1.Using the gasification burning technology,and best suitable to the burning of syringes,drip containers,medical equipment and a variety of paper scrap wood,bandages,fiber wool,various medical and dirt waste discharged from hospitals, medical institutions.

2.gasification incinerator machine  can handle all garbage generated every day.

3.Using gasification incinerator machine , co-incineration, sosmoke, dust content is lower than the  national provisions of emission standards.

4.A fully enclosed operation inrunning,applied to the handling of infectious medical waste so as to avoid secondary pollution.
5.Small size, small coverage of area.
6. Our 
gasification incinerator machine  uses either fuel oil or gas,users may choose either of the fuel.