Heavy Duty Plastics Grinder crusher

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Heavy Duty Plastics Grinder

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Technical parameters of Heavy Duty Plastics Grinder:

1.Main Motor Power:45kw,380V,50hz,3-phase;

2.Nos of Rotary blades:6pcs;

3.Nos of Fixed blades:4pcs;

4.Materials of blades:9Crisi alloy steel;

5.Input Size of hopper:800*660mm;

6.Screen hole size:45mm-50mm,long strip-type;

7.Size of heavy duty plastics crusher chamber:820x480mm;

8.Crusher capacity:800-1000kg/hr;

9.Materilas of whole Heavy Duty Plastics Grinder  machine frame:Common steel Q235;

10.Can be crushed with water:To remove dirt and mud from the films.

Other capacity of heavy duty plastics crusher can also be designed as per requirements.

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