hydraulic concrete bricks making machine


Hydraulic concrete bricks making machine

Hawkiwel hydraulic bricks making machine is used to form cement/concrete bricks in a dry way. The bricks come out of the machine just like eggs-laying one by one. The hydraulic bricks making machine is controlled by computer to set the required standard size of bricks. The hydraulic bricks making machine can make 3000--40000pcs per 8 hours' shift. For capacity of 3000-4000pcs per day is semi-auto,simple hydraulic,small mixer used,belt or hopper as per requirements. We also have red clay brick making plant with capacity of over 80000pcs per day for standard bricks size. Different machines may have different capacity. The bricks are widely used for laying on the public areas, airport, park, lawns. It's long-lasting, practical, economical and effective.
Product Feature
by using ash-fly,sand,gravels,to save energy and to be environment friendly.