• hypochlorite water foggying machine 

hypochlorite water foggying machine

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hypochlorite water foggying machine

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Hypochlorite liquid Foggying machine is smooth,comfirtable,fast-drying,fast-cleaning, healthy in use,best designed for foggying Hypochlorite liquid Effectivenss to sanitizing such areas as household,hotels,public areas, parking lot,hospitable with 99.99% disenfectant anti-Virus,Staphylococcus, Candida, Bacillus subtilis, ESCHERICHIA coli, pathogen dirt, fecal matter.

Electrical Power supply:220V,50Hz,2phase.

Tank volume:16Litre,18Litre,20Litre.

Foggying spraying distance:4m-8m away

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