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hotsale micronizer jet mill

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micronizer jet mill machine

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1.compared with the same type of micronizer jet mill machine, under the same power the output of our mill is greatly improved (increased by 20%-50%), energy saving. 

2 an increase of dust collection device, effectively reduce dust pollution. 

3 the discharging of the main fan reduces labor intensity of operating workers. The 4 door cover of the host can be opened for convenience of maintenance and replacement of cutting tools. 

5 the wind cold, reduce the working temperature inside the micronizer jet mill machine body,grinding and PVC has the best effect, but also conducive to grind heat sensitiveplastics, can be part of PE, ABS milling,Etc.

This machine main principle: 

1).the micronizer jet mill machine works by chamber of the cutter inside the micronizer jet mill machine. High speed particles are grinded via gear plate and tooth in the impact plate, sucted out by air, and the larger particles continue to impact, after smashing they are pumped out. This reduces the load of the cutter disc, so to improve the grinding efficiency, but can also make the powder materials cooling evenly. 

2.)low temperature is the main advantage of this machine. According to the mechanical equivalent of heat: per hour for power after the conversion to 860000 calories.This micronizer jet mill machine is the convulsions, volume up to 50M3/KW, the inlet, outlet air temperature difference, take away most of the heat,remaining few heat is done by water cooling solution.Requirements:cooling water inlet temperature is not more than 25 degrees centigrades, the outlet temperature of is not more than 45 degree. In summer,appropriately increase the amount of cooling water so as to reduce the temperature. 

This micronizer jet mill machine is widely used for: moderate PVC plastic,high density PE,or other plastics.The plastic products professional factory practice prove, powder material is added into the20%-30% calcium carbonate in return in grinding processing,chemical and physical properties of the products can maintain the target material, and the yield can reach 60~250KG (40~80 mesh).Because of this, the micronizer jet mill machine is well received by factory of plastic products to reduce the cost, solve the optimal equipment waste

Plastics accumulation.

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