• PET water bottle blowing machine

PET water bottle blowing machine

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PET water bottle blowing machine

Hawkiwel makes PET Bottle blowing machine  which can blow plastic granuales into hollow containers(water bottles). It is mainly used in beverage and food industry.

1. Excellent Mechanical Strength, impact-resisting, and non-craking. 
2. Bottle mouth and thread are of precise measurement.
3. Plastic Medicine Bottle's safe thread can be molding directly.
4. The size and weight of the product can calculate and design clearly and meet the requirement of the design
without any deviation. 

5. The surface of the bottle mouth, neck and the body is good luster and smoothness, the standard of bottle body
is unity. 

6. The joint seam on the bottle body is smooth, no scrap rubber. 

PLC controlled.

Working Type:Stretch Blowing


Bottle volume:300ml-1l,1.5l,2l,or 3gallon ,5gallon .

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