Pig dehairing machine

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Description of Pig dehairing machine:

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Hawkiwel pig dehairing shaving machine is especially designed to meet the needs of a pig or sheep/goat slaughter-house, which is characterized by large shaving space and suitable for different pig/sheep/goats bodies, adding a grid type bracket to support the pig body, and shaving to shave the pig/sheep/goats body from its interval Shaving at the same time on the pig/sheep/goat body turning-over, overcome the hard roller both to turn the pig to shave if done by manual work. With the intense rotation of the drum in the machine the pig body surface scratches and hair is taken off. The time of shaving is controlled manually, so it is suitable for different pig farms in different areas. A scalding machine should be equipped before the machine to make the pig body evenly soaked and scalded before entering the this dehairing machine, so as to obtain good depilation effect..The pig dehairing machine is also Equipped With lift harrow.

Motor power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase.

Make case/profile:hot-dip galvanized steel.

Capacity of pig dehairing machine:70heads-120heads/hour depending on the weight/size of pigs.

Dehairing/scratching time:10seconds-16seconds.

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