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pig slaughter house equipment

Hawkiwel makes pig slaughter house equipment & meat processing equipment which can process at capacity of 50pigs,100pigs,200-300pigs, 500pigs,800-1000pigs,even 2000pigs per shift of 8hrs-10hours .

The whole pig slaughter house equipmentprocessing line is sanitary in comply with China Food Hygiene Standard. Stainless steel materials or heat-gavanized steel are used in making most of the equipment.

Also ham,meat ball, or sausage making equipment will be equipped as per the requirement of the customers.

Product Feature:
The pig slaughter house equipment is in advanced/efficient way of slaughtering,.

We can also supply chilling equipment/project for the freezing
/cooling rooms for acid removal, meat storage.by using high-quality of compressors, powerful, useful and indispensible for Chiller rooms.

Frozen Meat/bone sawing equipment are also available for the frozen steak, big pieces of calf body.


pig slaughter house equipment and meat processing plants.

Custom-made is acceptable in design,basically necessary to adhere our method /concept of design with China related technical standard.

We also supply Equipment for Waste Water Treatment for the slaughtering house. Capacity:100cbm-400Cubic Meters per day.