• PET bottle caps moulding machine

Plastic bottles caps moulding Machine

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Plastic bottles caps moulding Machine

High efficiency, energy-saving and high precise proportional pressure and flow variable 

displacement pump system make the out of the hydraulic system matching the required power 

for entire machine operation without loss of high pressure throttle and overflow energy. As 

compared with constant displacement pump, it saves power by 30%~60%. A motor with 

same power may be fitted with an oil pump of bigger displacement and thus accelerates the 

speed of machine. Besides, the low oil temperature will prolong the service life of sealing 

elements. Buffer device is used in every mold opening and clamping oil way to ensure steady 

mold opening and clamping operation without any impact. Besides, differential mold clamping 

operation is fitted to ensure high production efficiency.

For model-100 Plastic bottles caps moulding Machine:

Theorectical moulding weight:203g;  Theorectical injection volume:220m3

Injection speed:115g per second;      injection pressure:158Mpa

screw rotary speed:200rpm;             clamping force:1000Kn

effective gap for lever:350*350mm; Max.moulding thickness:350mm

min. moulding thickness:150mm;    clamping thickness:135mm

oil pump max.pressure:15.5Mpa;    hopper heating power:7Kw

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