plastic water pipe extruding machine line

1.PVC water pipe extruding machine Line
Properties & Application
PVC water pipe has good properties of abrasive-resistance, aging-resistance, corrosion-resistance, long life, strong adhesion, cold-resistance, light & portable, low flow resistance, easy winding, etc.; It is widely used in mineral water delivery, fire protection for buildings, fire engine, fire cabinet, ship, Petroleum & Chemical industry, garden irrigation etc. 

2.PE water pipe extruding machine line.

For water pipes in diameter size 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm.

Technical data of pe water pipe extruding machine:

Screw diameter:65mm;Primary motor:30kw(frequency variable);

Center height:1000mm;Raio of screw shaft:30:1;

Make of screw shaft:38CrMoALA;Make of heater:Cast aluminum alloy;

Heater power:4pcs,2.5kw/pc;Cooling mode:Air-cooling;

Blower power:180W;Components:OMRON relay,Delix Contactor, Variable-frequency Drive