plastics crushing washing dewatering pelleting machines

plastics crushing washing dewatering pelleting machines
The plastic crusher is widely used for crushing the waste PET Bottles/cans, PE films, PE sheet, PVC /PE drums, PP pipes, etc.

Hawkiwel plastics crushing washing dewatering pelleting machiness are necessary for the plastic recycling work.
plastics crushing washing dewatering pelleting machines are low noise, high efficiency,cost-effectively, reliable.
capacity:300kg/hr,500kg/hr, 1000kg/hr, 1500kg/hr,2ton/hr,etc.

PET bottle flakes washing will need cold or hot-water washing in tanks so as to remove the glue residues.Friction washing goes after this stage and the whole line mainly includes a crusher, pre-rinser, mixer with detergent added in hot water, float rinser, dehydrator, electrical dryer, PE Flakes storage silo. PE granulation machine will be added if customers require. Also waste water treatment to recycle for neutral water of re-use can be added. 
The washing volume or capacity can be 300kg/hr,500kg/hr,600kg/hr, 1000kg/hr,1500kg/hr,etc.
Hot air dyer is used after plastic bottle flakes PE films washing dewatering machines, so that the PET flakes and PE films can have a better required limited moisture to store.
PET Flakes drying /crystalizing device which is often used to dehumidty / crystalize the washed dry PET Flakes before going to the pelleting granullating machine So that you can have the PET Flakes crystalized in low dew point to gain very tiny humidity which is necessary to achieve better plasticalization for best quality of the PET Granules. 
LDPE/HDPE film washing line is designed for recycling agricultural film, waste industry film, house refused films and so on. Its Basic Working Process as Follow (Different dirty PE film, device is different):
Belt conveyor – Plastic crusher – Friction washing dewater – High-speed friction washer – Double V bottom floating washer – screw discharger – High speed dewater – Air conveying system – Hopper.

Our plastics pelletting & granulating machine can extrude and make the PET/PE/PP Granules for the PET Flakes, LDPE, HDPE, BOPP,plastics pelletting & granulating machine is an ideal machine unit to get the plastics grnules for higher added value while recyling the waste PET/PE/PP,it's, reliable, high capacity, efficient.
Power supply:380v,50Hz,3-phase.
We also make waste water treatment equipment for the Plastics crushing  washing  dewatering pelleting machines plant.