Poultry slaughter house equipment


poultry slaughter house equipment

hawkiwel poultry slaughter house equipment is used for mass processing the chicken, ducks, geese etc. from the live poultry hanging up for stunning, blood-letting, scalding, de-feathering, claws-removing, inner organs, chicken body trimming, cooling, till vacuum packing, etc.

Capacity of poultry slaughter house equipment: 500 chicken per hour, 1000 chicken per hour, 2000 chicken per hour, 3000 chicken per hour, 5000 chicken per hour etc.

Electricity value: 380Volts, 50Hz, 3-phase.

Make of materials: Mostly stainless steel for the part to be contacted to meat. 

Packing: Simple packing or smaller equipment packed in wooden crate, or other.
poultry slaughter house equipment features cost-effective, reliable, easy-operation, maintenance.

Equipment for waste water treatment is also available if needed.

Cold storage room can be supplied when the buyer thinks necessary.

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