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Poultry slaughter house Equipment

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Poultry slaughter house equipment is used for mass processing the chicken,ducks, geese,etc,from the live poultry hanging up for blood-letting, scalding,de-feathering,claws-removing,inner organs,etc.
Product Feature
Hawkiwel Poultry slaughter house equipment is cost-effective,reliable,easy-operation,maintenance.
Product Specification / Models
Capacity of Poultry slaughter house equipment :500chicken per hour,1000chicken per hour,2000chicken per hour,3000chicken per hour,5000chicken per hour,etc.
Application / Models
Electricity value:380V,50Hz,3-phase.
Make of materials:mostly stainless steel for the part to be contacted to meat. packing:simple packing or smaller equipment packed in wooden crate,or other .

Equipment for waste water treatment is also available if needed.

Cold storage room can be supplied when the buyer thinks necessary.
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