printing machine


1.UV Printing machine for printing logo/PVC business cards/mobile phone case

Our UV Printing machine speed:photo printing

Printing size:A3 paper

Max.printing height:12mm

Resolution ratio:5760*1440dpi



Featuring beautiful printing appearance.

Deluxue look on printed cards which are Wearable, not fading, can be washed, non-scratch.

Suitable for printing :

Suitable for all Planar materials, plastic, cloth, glass, acrylics,PE,PP, PVC, ceramics Metal seet,paper. Leather.

Packing size:690*560*440cm.


2.Printing machine for printing Plastic bags (sticker)

description of features printing machine:

1.Main Motor adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation ;

2,.material discharging and receiving are all controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch (automatic tension controller);

3.material discharging device is controlled by automatic deviation rectifying sensor;

4.ceramic ink roller is adopted, long Life, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant features, in order to reduce the number of replacement roller, effectively improve the printing efficiency;

5.printing machine using 360-degree weekly plate adjustment. Each printing unit can be individually cocked or loosened to allow other printing units to continue printing;

6. Each printing unit is equipped with a set of infrared drying devices.

7.The charging and winding device adopts air-rising mandrel clamping device. 

8.When stopping, the ink roll can be separated automatically and transferred at a low speed to prevent ink from drying out.

9.From the roll feed paper, printing, glazing, automatic infrared drying, laminating, waste discharge, roll-up and one-time completion.

10. Water based ink printing, pollution free, environmentally friendly, and printing speeds vary according to the line.

Suitable for Printing soft plastic materials such as plastic stickers,cardboard,high-grade self-adhesive trademarks, clothing tags, etc.