• quantative Weighing Packing Machine,quantative Weighing Packing Machine

quantative Weighing Packing Machine

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Hawkiwel manufactures quantative Weighing Packing Machine for packing materials such as rice,wheat,corns,nuts,peanuts,seeds,beans,sugar,etc.Packing:1kg-50kgs.

Our such quantative Weighing Packing Machine comprises automatic weighing,sewing bags mouth top, conveying,an control by digtal display control panel(box).

quantative Weighing Packing Machine runs stable,easy operation/maintenance,convenient,long life in use.

quantative Weighing Packing Machine suits for such produsts as grains,rice,wheat,nuts,peanuts ,feeds, ferilizer,dry seasonings,sugar,in bulk loose forms without sticky items.

Capacity:weighing packing from 1kg-50kg according to the mdoel as designed.

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