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Brief Description of rice mill

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail:bobqiu@hawkiwel.com

We hawkwiel specialized in making the rice mill for home use or industrial production.
Capacity of rice mill :300kg/hr, 500kg/hr,600-700kg/hr, 1ton/hr, 2ton/hr, or 10ton per day,12-15ton per day,20ton/day,etc.

Complete line of rice mill or single rice mill machines are all available in our business scope.
It starts from impurity sorting, husking,pady rice milling to rice,bran separating,rice grading.

The feature of the rice mill machine is perfect in performance ,high efficiency ,easy to operate and convenient for maintenance.The rice miller is combined with a entry hopper, a milling room, milling knives, a milling drum, sieves, a rice outlet and a bran outlet. When working, paddy enter through the hopper into the rice milling room. Under the joint action of the milling drum, rice milling knives and sieves ,paddy become white rice and flow out from the rice outlet, while bran go out from the bran outlet.
Milled rice rate: 70%

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