waste rubber tires crusher pulverizer machines


rubber tires crusher pulverizer machines

We Hawkiwel design and manufacture the complete plant of rubber tires Crusher Pulverizer machines,starting from tire cutter/split, iron-rim removal, rubber belts/crumbs crushing, rubber granuals grinding, rubber/fiber separating, metal-separating,rubber pulverizer machine to 20mesh, 30mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 120mesh.

Power supply :380V,50Hz,3-pahse,or according clients' local electrical value.

Rubber bar cutting machine is used to cut the rubber belts or strips into rubber bars of size 20mm to 40mm,such rubber bars are usually helpful in further processing for fine rubber crumb or rubber oil extraction.featuring high output of rubber bars/blocks at 1000kg per hour, it's an ideal machine to cut rubber belts into rubber cumb.

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