Sectional Water storage tanks

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sectional water tank 

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Our sectional water tanks are made of: hot-galvanized steel,stainless steel, Enamel Steel, GRP,FRP materials,PE and so on.The sectional water tank is made with high quality resin as raw material and excellent molding process.Sectional Water tanks have the advantages of light weight, no corrosion, no leakage,good water quality, wide application range, long service life and good heat preservation performance,easy-installation,the sectional water tank is widely used in municipal water supply,hotels and restaurants,schools,hospitals,industrial and mining enterprises,public institutions, residential houses and office buildings,the utility model is an ideal product for water storage Tank facilities of public living water, fire water and industrial water.

Sizes of Sectional water tank:50cbm,100cbm,150-200cbm,300cbm,400cbm,etc.

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