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Solar power kit
Product Description for Solar power kit
1.Solar power panel : Monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon.
2.Power of solar panel: 50W;
3.Storage Battery: Highly effective reliably Non-maintaining Lead-Acid Battery;
4.Storage capacity: 12V 45Ah;
Solar power kit:12w-15wats,portable.20w,60w,80,100w,200watts,etc.
outdoors yard solar lamp:30watts,50wats,60wats,90wats,150wats,etc.
Solar power kit Product Feature
2.high brightness LED 375pcs;
3.System: Microcomputer
4.intellective controller:Prevent the Over-load & Over-discharged short Circuit protection.
5.Automatically to turn on or turn off according to the environment luminance;
6.Usage environment:-20 C degree to 70 C degree;
7.solar strret Lighting time: in the normal status it will work 8 hours every day< still working        for 3 raining days or setting>;Or setting work time according to the clients request three         days light working time lasting when the battery storage enough.
8.Light height:6.5m,or other.
Solar power kit,solar Street lights,solar yard lamps.
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