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solar power system kit with USB CHARGE PORT

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with 2pc 5v usb interface to recharge your mobile phone / MP3 / MP4 / Cameral / Iphone / IPAD 

Solar Home System Radio Lamps for speakers 

USB CHARGE PORT with 2pc 5v usb interface to recharge your mobile phone/ MP3 / MP4 / Cameral / Iphone / IPAD    

5V 2pcs USB output socket, 1pcs USB music speaker, TF music port and lighting ports for 4pcs 6v bulbs.


This mini solar power system can charge with a 220V power cable. It can also charge from the 9V3W / 9V5W solar panel    

The success of the integration of solar photovoltaics and the emerging LED technology offer higher brightness with very low energy consumption and, consequently, the LED-based LED home lighting system requires very small solar panels and batteries compared to conventional systems. The LED solar lighting system harnesses the power of the sun to provide reliable and affordable electricity wherever it is needed. This solar power system provides electricity for lighting, entertainment and information to homes that are not connected to electrical networks or where the power supply is rather irregular. Solar power systems are a great solution for home electrification in rural areas.

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