solar street lights/solar yard lamps

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Hawkiwel integrated solar Street light,Solar lamps:

with directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long life, environmental protection and other advantages running gradually into people’s vision, become the new generation of the world’s most advantageous alternative energy-saving light to traditional light sources.Therefore,solar street light will be the best choice in energy-saving street lighting projects.


Solar street light have a unique optical design, it will light the desired lighting area, and furtherly improve the efficiency of light in order to save energy. The Solar street Light efficiency currently has 110-130lm / W, but there is still much more room for development, theoretical value of 250lm / W. Efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp luminous is increased with the increased power, therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of solar street lights are stronger than high-pressure sodium lamps. High luminous efficiency: ≥100LM per watt,it can save more than 75% compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamp.

Constant current LED source is internally installed and its efficiency can reach 96%.

IP 65 waterproof level and ABS outer shell is able to effectively prevent various kinds of corrosion.

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