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our Pure Steam Generator produces consistent high quality pure steam for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Hospital, Laboratory and other industries. All internal and external aesthetics have been designed to meet the stringent demands of sterile environments. Equipment reliability, product quality, and safety are standard features built-in to each unit.

 stream entry into the separator section causes the steam to spin and change direction to eliminate contaminated water droplets from being carried over with the pure steam.

The compact STEAM GENERATOR unit is the result of a very efficient design that uses a rising film evaporation and thermal syphon technology. This allows the unit to instantaneously evaporate feed water into pure steam.


Our PLC control has been designed to meet the quick demands of pure steam loads by automatically reacting to the plant steam load and feed water demands. This process ensures that the proper amount and pressure of pure steam is produced for your needs.


Steam generator Capacity:20kg,30kg,50kg,70kg,100kg/hr,150kg,200kg/hr,500kg/hr,etc.

Power supply:380V,50hz,3-phase.

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